Setting goals and goal funnels

What is a goal funnel? Let's say, for example, that your website's goal is sales. You have opportunities with the website not only to sell the product itself, but to also suggest related products, and upsell the product that your visitor has searched for. However, if any step of the process isn't easy and valuable for your customers, they might abandon the sales process when things get difficult.

Examine the following goal funnel
Home Page
Category page
Product page
Upsell and Related Products Page
Purchase confirmation page
Personal details page
Thank you for purchasing page

Our objective is to make every page pleasant and relevant to the user. But sometimes a user will abandon the website in the middle of an attempted purchase! Seeing such behavior indicates that there is something in your website that needs to be fixed immediately. Our detailed traffic analysis reports will show you "exit page" behavior. Ideally, the exit page is the "thank you" page that a client sees after a purchase.

But what if the "exit page" is something else? Let's look at some examples and how it would be fixed:

  • Category/Product Page - if visitors are exiting on these pages, you may need to reorganize how your products are shown.
  • Upsell Page - exiting on these pages may indicate that upsell options aren't relevant.
  • Personal Details Page - is the form too long or difficult to understand? Does your credit processing page feel secure?

Understanding the exit patterns of your visitors particularly in combination with a well formulated goal funnel can ensure that potential sales are not lost once initial interest is demonstrated.




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