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We do more than what you see below. Below is a list of common IT support services and associated costs. Call us with your unique IT Support need and we'll supply a free estimate.

FREE Basic Diagnostics
Is your computer having problems, exhibiting errors or running unusually slow? Put your wallet back in your pocket, because we will test your computer and identify the problems for free - no obligation. We will examine your computer's configuration to determine the source of the problems. We will give you a detailed explanation of what is going wrong and what steps are necessary to fix them. We can also provide a free estimate of what it will cost to fix those problems.

Geek Squad Price* My Price
$129.99 FREE

*Price quoted reflects the in-home price for "Virus & Spyware Removal with Upgrade" service.

Package includes FREE antivirus protection!

Antivirus software
We recommend Avira Antivirus. It has proven more effective than any other software out there.
Avira Antivirus Premium 2012


Speed boost optimization
Troubleshooting and removal of error messages and blue screens
Removal of viruses, spyware, malware and adware
Installation of operating system updates and patches
Optimize computer speed, disk fragmentation and RAM allocation
Remove unneeded programs from startup and hidden programs using msconfig and windows registry
Installation of one hardware device (and/or software), such as a RAM or Hard Drive upgrade
Configure the hardware device to your preferences
Test hardware device for proper functionality
Performance testing and confirmation

Geek Squad Price* My Price
$339.99 $75

*Price quoted reflects the in-home price of a well known competitor.

Package includes FREE antivirus protection!

Backup and Reformat
Computers that have seen sustained heavy use, been deeply infected by viruses or have intractable system errors can benefit greatly from a complete hard drive reformat. Reformatting starts your computer out fresh, and will ensure fresh-from-the-factory speed. Reformatting erases the contents of the hard drive, so it's natural to back up your data beforehand. We can handle the reformat and the backup, ensuring the safety of your data and the speed of your computer. Bring your computer in for a free diagnostic.

Geek Squad Price* My Price
$229.99 (OS Install) $55
$399.99 (Backup) $75
$No Price Available
(Software reinstall)
$45 per hour -
Install time varies on what software is installed and if original install CDs are available.

*Price quoted reflects in-home price.

Package includes FREE antivirus protection!

Things to consider before reformatting:
Do you know the locations of all the documents such as photos, music and documents that need to be backed up?
Is there other information that needs to be backed up, such as bookmarks, email contacts, calendars, program settings?
Do you know the locations of your Windows install CD and other software that needs to be installed?
Are you aware that if you do not back up your settings, or have original install CDs, you may lose data or programs?

Our team of backup specialists will work with you to ensure that no important file is left behind and that your "new" computer is just as fast as the first day you had it.

Email Support
We will help you set up new e-mail accounts, install multiple accounts on one computer, help you to setup Outlook, Thunderbird, or other e-mail clients. We will also help set up your portable mobile device (Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) Forward your e-mail to a different address and set up your e-mail to automatically include a signature.This can be done at the convenience of your home or office or remotely.

Geek Squad Price* My Price
$69.99 (Remote Support) $45 (remote or in-home support)

*Price quoted reflects remote support price of a well known competitor.

Data Recovery
We help you with disaster recovery, deleted file recovery and lost password recovery. See our complete list of data recovery solutions.


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