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Public Relations and Communications Support
Studio Mercury is dedicated to improving the way you connect with your audience through strategic communication. Your firm has something to say – let us make sure you’re heard. Every day your firm is communicating with countless audiences through a variety of mediums such as brochures, proposals, trade show materials, and web based content.

Is your communication frequent, proactive, clear and consistent? Is it reflective of your firm’s values and brand? Is your message reaching all your target audiences? Are you connecting? Whether it’s implementing a media relations plan or crafting a clear message in your marketing materials, we can help align your communications with your business goals.

Press Releases
Press releases are important to raise brand awareness and increase lead generation. Conventional press releases require relationships with journalists and publications. We have relationships with local and national publications around the nation.

Online Press Releases require relationships with online publications and journalists. Online press releases differ from conventional press releases in that they need to be optimized for search engines and online advertising campaigns. Online press releases typically cost considerably less than conventional press releases. They also can increase your page rank in search engines and contribute to lead generation.



Find out how to use client testimonials celebrity endorsements in your public relations campaign.

Analyze Press Release Results.
Using Google Alerts, you can easily track the success of your release. Google will email as soon as a particular term is published on the web. Tracking releases in printed publications is also easy to do, one method is to include a URL specifically for that press release and analyze the traffic generated from that URL. Having a tailored landing page is also a benefit for the reader, as they will see content that is relevant to the press release.

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