Social Media Marketing

We offer options designed to engage your business with the ever-growing social face of the internet. Facebook, LinkedIn, and review sites are a few of the many different ways that social media has impacted our internet experience. Reaching your target audience is now more than ever about building relationships and communities. Loyalty and brand awareness is much easier to achieve with social media tools than any other medium.

Though social media can reap great rewards, it requires compelling writing skills, dedication, continual participation, and a well developed social network. Because of the challenges involved in successfully leveraging social media, we encourage you to consider taking advantage of one of our social media engineers to ensure success.

Things you can do with blogs and social media
- build a loyal community that is self-sustaining
- increase brand awareness
- reach a particular target audience
- personalize and deepen your connection with your clients
- create additional ways to reach out to your audience
- announce upcoming events or sales
- develop a solid reputation in your community
- drive relevant qualified traffic to your website

Social Media Services we provide

  • blogging / microblogging
  • podcasting
  • videocasting
  • photoblogging
  • fan page / profile management
  • social media advertising
  • participation in existing large social media networks




The Secret is out!

Social Media Marketing isn't a secret any more, check out 1,000 top companies that leverage social networks. Smaller companies need to use this opportunity too. Why? Because social media works better for smaller companies, becuase your network will have more people you personally know!

Case Study, AT&T

AT&T“Five of the top 10 searches on our mobile Web portal are for social networking sites, a clear indication of the growing popularity of mobile social networking,” said Mark Collins, vice president of voice and data products, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "

AT&T Launches New Social Networking Application to Give Customers All-In-One Connection to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Breaking News

AT&T has found success in over 20 social media networks, here's a qiuck list:


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AT&T Blogs

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