Online Surveys

Surveys tell you what you are doing well and what needs to be improved. Surveys can be used to give feedback on an existing product or service and they can also be used to gauge interest levels on upcoming products or services. The comments section of your survey also provides for an easy way to add positive testimonials to your website.

SurveyTimes to survey

  • After a sale
  • In your email newsletter
  • When you are ready to add new goods or services
  • In your website or blog to get instant feedback

Beware of "free" surveys
There are many "free" online surveys, e-vites and such. You ever wonder how they make money? Websites that provide online surveys get revenue in three ways

  • Advertising/banner ads
  • Spamming, or selling your client list to affiliates and third party vendors (spammers)
  • Premium services incur a recurring monthly fee

Say no to monthly fees! We will design your survey just the way you want - no monthly fees, no restrictions, using your URL.

  •   "Free Guys" Studio Mercury
    "Premium" Monthly Fee $19.95 / mo FREE
    Allowed Responses 1,000 UNLIMITED
    Integrates into your website no YES
    You own it no YES
    Available without survey ads no YES
    Visitor information 100% secure no YES

Don't take risks with your clients' privacy. Use a trusted survey that you control. Surveys are easy to make, and can easily be updated or reused with different questions formatting and distribution.



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