Client testimonials add value and credibility to your business practice. If a person recognizes the person giving the testimonial the value is increased exponentially. For example, in the competitive sector of high school architectural design, architects vie for the approval of school superintendents. Because superintendents often know other superintendents in nearby regions, a good testimonial from one means instant credibility with all those who know him. It's common practice for architects to get written recommendations from their clients, often those written recommendations are flat, lifeless and don't motivate very well.

Forget about written recommendation letters
You can turn lifeless testimonials into powerful tools that sell! Compare these two examples: before | after. Video adds key ingredients that are missing from written testimonials: emotion, recognizability and ease.

Don't let the opportunity pass you by forever
Have you ever had a dream client? Maybe it was a celebrity, important figure, or just a person who made the biggest purchase on record. Get these people on camera! It doesn't matter if your current marketing strategy has no place for a video testimonial, years from now when you are ready to take your marketing materials to the next level - you'll have that video ready to roll. Developing a library of effective client testimonials takes time - start getting testimonials even if you don't plan on using them immediately.

Seriously!? Who would want to supply a testimonial for me?
Having worked on video-based client testimonials for more than ten years with many clients, I have never had a refusal. Obviously you'll get better results if you choose people who you get along with, but even dissatisfied clients can provide valuable testimonials. One company I worked with had a dissatisfied client who really needed to vent. He wanted his message to be heard loud and clear to the entire project team so that they'd never make the same mistakes again. After he vented, I asked him if there was anything that the company did right - and there was! He spent a couple of minutes giving the highlights and the great things about the company. That's all we needed! Those comments became promotional material for the company!

Videos of client testimonials can be distributed easily using social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube. It can be posted to your website and distributed via online e-mail newsletter. Video clips naturally work well as part of a broadcast TV advertisement or distributed via CD and DVD.

Get started - Our team of professionals would love to help you to:

  • Generate leading questions that are likely to give you just the right answers for your testimonial video
  • Arrange a client meeting and guide your client on key things like using your company name when they speak
  • Ensure proper lighting and sound levels
  • Edit, Add logos/effects/music, and distribute




Celebrity Endorsements

Endorsement marketing creates believability and emotional ties for your brand. They could be celebrities, political figures, star athletes, musicians, etc. For maximum impact, choose people that are related to your business and might actually use your product or service.

1. Determine the ideal person to endorse your product and offer them a deal for an endorsement. When proposing an endorsement deal, make sure that they understand what they are getting out of the deal. Sometimes, free publicity is enough to make an endorsement work. Be sure to let them know how the endorsement will create more viewers, more sales, and more popularity for them.

2. When possible, exchange endorsements. This creates mutual benefit by decreasing marketing costs for both sides.

3. Even if you are just making a print ad, get video and even if you are just making a video, get still shots! Your website, printed ads, product packaging, video spots, and social media can all benefit from the celebrity endorsement. You never know what ways you might want to reuse the endorsement, so keep all of your outtakes, and be sure that your contract allows adaptive reuse.

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