Did you know that Google will air your commercials for free? Companies with videos are in the minority right now - that means that any company that leverage the marketing potential of videos can easily outpace their competitors. Video is very versatile, and can be used online in a variety of ways, and also can be captured on DVD. To help capture the attention of your audience you may want to dazzle them with effects or 3-D, or maybe capturing the moment is all you need. Studio Mercury has the versatility and the depth of experience to handle your needs. We can handle your video project through all phases including:

  • Storyboarding
  • Scene selection and Equipment Setup
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Promotion
  • Distribution via broadcast, DVD/Blu-ray, social media, and streaming internet





Video is superior over static materials for many applications such as:

• Online Ads • Marketing • Training videos • Corporate • Event • TV Broadcast • Weddings • Video Blogs • Webinars • Client Testimonials •And more

Social Media Video
Find out why so many companies are adding video to Google, Youtube and Facebook to increase sales and brand recognition.

Testimonial Videos
Video is so much more powerful than text when it comes to client testimonials and celebrity endorsements. Find out how sincere client appreciation is the best sales tool ever!

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