E-mail Marketing

Email can produce more sales than any other marketing medium. Viewers take action on e-mails far more often than they do for advertisements on the web, print or broadcast. Ideally, users opt-in or sign up to receive information about your products or services. This gives you an advantage over every other form of advertising - a 100% guarantee that the recipient is interested. Even more important than success or failure are the complicated legal and ethical issues surrounding e-mail marketing. It is critical that every email campaign is legal, ethical and successful. Failure to comply to the ever changing national and state laws could cost millions, result in permanent blacklisting of your domain and bad press that could plunge your business into bankruptcy. Studio Mercury understands these laws very well, but more importantly, we understand the ethical underpinnings that result in happy satisfied viewers, and most importantly, we get results by giving you the best ROI that money can buy. There are five key factors that will turn an e-mail blast into either a huge success or a complete flop, sign up for an estimate and learn about how to make your email marketing campaign a success.

Don't do it yourself. We love empowering clients to take control of their marketing efforts. If you make a mistake on a website or a brochure it's really no big deal. You can laugh at your mistake and move on, but e-mail marketing requires years of study and experience and mistakes can cost you your business. Studio Mercury has over a decade of e-mail marketing experience and will make sure your readers are happy with the emails they receive.





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