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The website is at the heart of any marketing initiative. Studio Mercury can improve your existing web site or build a brand new one. We take full advantage of today's leading edge technologies while ensuring that your web site is fully accessible and compatible for all users.

You own the copyright.
Don't allow yourself to get trapped by a web developer who does not pass on copyright to you. Some web developers will not relinquish copyright to their own clients. Thus denying them the freedom to update their own website. This situation forces them to continue using that particular web developer, trapped into paying high upkeep costs. At Studio Mercury, know that the best way to keep you is by providing great service and value. There are no obligations and copyright is yours, giving you complete ownership over your website.

Navigation - The goal of navigation is to allow the viewer to get where they want to be quickly and easily. Clear navigation depends on well organized and properly structured content. Navigation also has a natural influence on visitor behavior, therefore, navigation along with layout will reinforce the goals for the website.

Online Competitor Analysis - Understanding your competitors allows you to compare and differentiate yourself from them. Perhaps you offer services that they don't. What kind of keywords do they focus on? Allow their ideas to inspire you and be sure that you can illustrate your unique benefits.

Is your website getting traffic from ALL of the below?

  • Search engines
  • Blog entries
  • Press Releases
  • Directories
  • Online Maps
  • Opinion sharing sites
  • Advertisements

Did you know that posting links to some websites, search engines, and directories can be detrimental to your website? People who claim to add thousands of links (backlinks) to your website instantly may actually damage your search engine ranking.

Nuts and Bolts
We have writers, photographers, videographers, multimedia specialists and social networking gurus waiting to transform concept into reality. If you have an existing website, there is no need to re-code, we will work with your existing technology. Technologies we support include: ASP, PHP, JSP, Cold Fusion, Oracle, MS SQL, MYSQL, CMS, SSL, E-Commerce




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