Flash Design

Expressing mood, ensuring exact artistic design, allowing advanced user interaction - Flash design excels at all of these things .

Myths about Flash

Flash can't be indexed by search engines.
False. Google can easily index Flash content.

Flash can't be bookmarked.
False. An Adobe Flash page can be bookmarked if created properly, because of the continuous flow of many Flash sites. It's important to plan ahead.


Flash Development Process

  • Thematic Development
  • Storyboard
  • UI Design
  • Animation
  • Optimization
  • Other elements, such as audio / video development and 3-D animations are common elements that can be easily integrated.

Uses for Flash

  • Website menus and interactive applications
  • Multimedia CDs
  • Application Development
  • Trade Show Kiosks
  • Customized Business Cards
  • Holiday E-Cards


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