Radio ads are expensive, podcasts are cheap! Podcasts, like any other social media need to inform or entertain in order to be effective. A diet and nutrition store might start podcasting health related tips and include products that are relevant to the topic as well as instructions on how to order. Or a local restaurant might podcast audio from local entertainers - delivering benefit both to the restaurant and to the entertainers wishing to get more exposure. Effective podcasting requires proper equipment, delivering compelling content, understanding the various distribution channels such as your own website, podcast syndication services and methods to inform your target audience of the new resource.




Streaming Video

Develop personal relationships with clients. Giving a warm hello and handing out business cards is an effective way to network and build your business, but what if you could virtually do this thousands of times a day, all over the world? Streaming video lets you do that and more! Video expands your audience and provides a fun venue for you to be discovered. Post your videos on your website and then share them on Youtube and scores of other video networks where millions of viewers have access. Give them the opportunity to subscribe to your videos and they will receive updates when new content is available.

Getting started
Video blogging and podcasting can seem daunting, but if you have a camera, a microphone, and a computer, you have all you need to get started. Sign up for a free estimate and learn the three things that are critical to the success of any video blog or podcast.

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