Online Advertising - Pay Per Click (PPC)

You pay NOTHING unless someone clicks on your ad.

Advertise on:

  • Thousands of content providers, choose from websites that have visitors with relevant interests.
  • Search Engines such as Google, Microsoft/Bing, Yahoo allow you to use specific keywords and demographics to target your ads.
  • Social Networking Sites Facebook and LinkedIn.

Targeted Results

Target your audience by location, age, sex, income, and many other factors. Targeting is effective not only in finding viewers that are appropriate for your goods or services, but also for creating ad variations based on different audience subtypes. Targeting is the key to keeping ad costs down and sales conversions up.





How to save tons of money on your PPC Campaign.

Did you know that the content of your website affects your ad prices? Cut your advertising expenditures in half with PPC Optimization.

What is PPC Optimization
Unlike website search engine optimization which only focuses on your website. PPC optimization focuses on the three things that control your ad cost.

  • Website quality
  • Ad quality
  • Keyword relevance

What is website / ad quality? First and foremost quality means results. And results mean sales! However, quality also refers to complex formulas that ad-engines use to ensure that your ads are relevant. We understand how the ad-engines work and design a system that can lower your advertising costs by 50%.

If you are using someone who hasn't done PPC optimization to manage your online advertising, you are paying too much!

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