Traffic Analysis

To ensure your website is performing as efficiently as possible, it is essential to monitor your website's current traffic. Reacting properly to traffic will increase the amount of clients and revenue that your website produces.

Important factors to include when analyzing your website:

  • Which pages are the most popular?
  • How much timce do visitors spend on the website?
  • Where do customers enter the website?
  • Where do customers leave the website?
  • Where do the visitors come from?
  • Number of visitors and returning visitors?
  • What keywords are used to reach the website?

Conversion / Sales Analysis
Google's new conversion tracking is the most powerful analysis tool for increasing sales. Any web analyst not using conversion tracking is at a serious disadvantage. Sales aka conversion data is the most important thing to track in your advertising campaign. Conversion data is much more important than page views, referrers, click through rates, keyword usage, and the dozens of other metrics that people use to measure success. Let's look at the following example.

In this example you could cut your advertising budget in half with conversion tracking.

Ad Variation One
Produced 1 million impressions
Produced 100,000 clicks
Produced 10,000 sales

Ad Variation Two
Produced 500,000 impressions
Produced 50,000 clicks
Produced 10,000 sales

Beginners might be fooled when they see that ad variation one is producing twice the amount of impressions and clicks as ad variation two. Reviewing web traffic would lead them to believe that Ad One is the clear winner. It's not until you program your website to track sales to their originating ads that you can get a clear view of success.





Instant feedback
anywhere, anytime

You will have online access to a variety of useful reports. Having this information at your fingertips is a valuable tool to help you evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns.

Understanding the information
What's the difference between a visit and a pageview? We will cut through the jargon and show work with you to determine what actions are called for based on the data we receive.

World Class Reporting Tools

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Conversion Tracking
  • Webtrends
  • AWStats
  • Webalizer

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